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With a enduring commitment to service for all our customers’ transportation needs.

Since 1998, Seal Transportation has been applying our practical creativity to create solutions that truly work for our customers. Customers benefit from Seal Transportations’ years of experience developing smooth, sound solutions that make good business sense for their operations. Our consultative approach goes beyond transactional activities, and instead focuses on proactive solutions that help reduce costs and brings value to your logistics network.

In 2018, the company’s customer-first philosophy and steady, solid growth paid off when a team of transportation and operations executives, led by Gene Schiesser, purchased the company.

“Seal Transportation is as solid as a rock, ethical and committed to doing the right thing. We believe in the company because at every point, the core foundation at Seal is giving every customer a great experience.”

Our philosophy is to provide exceptional service and to focus on building lasting relationships with our customers and our carrier network. Because long-standing relationships are our priority, customers can rely on us to always do the right thing.

Commitment to our communities

Commitment to our communities

At Seal, we have an unparalleled commitment to helping underdeveloped and rural communities succeed. With close ties to outlying communities in the Midwest and beyond, Seal is leading the way to economic development and sustainable careers for local hires, including new graduates who wish to remain in close-knit local settings as they start their careers. We also encourage volunteerism, community service and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit by strengthening our bonds as resident members of the communities where we live, hire, work and play.

Commitment to our employees

Commitment to our employees

We believe in creating a pleasant comfortable working environment. Our experienced team enjoys mentoring new staff and helping them learn the ropes while adhering to the highest standards and transparent communication with clients and partners. Seal provides mentorship at all levels with access to industry leaders to those new to logistics. Providing a solid base and incentives based on company performance we encourage a collaborative environment and team based performance. Our direct mentorship allows the opportunity for advancement based on performance while help build rewarding careers. As we promote within, we provide stability both for the company and team member.

Our History

  • 1998

    Seal Founded

  • 2001

    Became member of Transportation Intermediaries Association

  • 2001

    Became member of the National Association of Small Trucking Companies® (NASTC) Best Broker Program

  • 2006

    First TIA Certified Transportation Broker joins staff

  • 2010

    Smart Way certified

  • 2012

    TIA Preferred/Gold status

  • 2018

    20th Anniversary

  • July, 2018

    CEO Gene Schiesser and leading ops professionals merged with Craig Lizak

  • October, 2018

    Richland Center office opened

  • November, 2018

    Tiffin/Iowa City office opened

  • December, 2018

    Exceeded 6 month growth and development goals

  • January, 2019

    Western operations open

Executive profiles

Gene Schiesser

Gene Schiesser


Gene is a well-respected industry leader known for his integrity, proven management skills and building a record of success through team dynamics and development. Gene provides strong leadership and far-reaching vision at Seal Transportation. He has handpicked this experienced executive team to help Seal continue its outstanding growth trajectory and long-term financial stability.

Rick Pena

Rick Pena


Rick brings a deep background in logistics and all aspects of operations, both as an owner and while working in a wide range of logistics management roles. He puts his expertise to work leading our team to drive efficiencies, manage cost spend, assess risks, and creating pathways to sustainable, profitable solutions. Rick’s drive to meet his clients needs is matched by his ability to navigate the complexities of logistics capacity. He leads our operations by skillfully mapping, analyzing and negotiating transactions while achieving on-time, dependable and efficient solutions.

Mike Ferraro

Mike Ferraro


Mike is an experienced financial executive with over 20 years of diverse domestic and international history in the manufacturing, environmental services, technology, medical, and public accounting industries. His financial expertise is crucial to continuing the company’s solid financial foundation and supporting an aggressive growth trajectory.

Thomas Zientek

Thomas Zientek

Chief Commercial Officer

Thomas is an experienced operations expert who is skilled in business planning, operations management, supply chain optimization, and working with customers to achieve their goals. He is known for innovative solutions and consistently driving results through his teams for a diverse group of clients with dynamic needs. He enjoys mentoring new talent and helping them reach their potential.

Shawn Bruner

Shawn Bruner

Executive Vice President

Shawn brings a broad skill set having served in law, accounting and strategic talent acquisition in multiple industries. His talents and knowledge drive human resources solutions to support our existing team, while targeting top lateral professionals. He is responsible for the strategic development for our team, supporting our clients’ needs through development and acquisition of top talent, leading the expansion the company’s culture and supporting significant anticipated growth. He is leading our learning, support and connectivity, all supporting a fluid, reactive and positive workplace environment.

Ed Celler

Ed Celler

Vice President of Operations

Shawn Bruner

John Fitzgerald

Director of Compliance

John has the experience and expertise to protect Seal and our customers based on a 30 year track record in brokerage and asset-based trucking. This has allowed him to hone the skills needed to implement systems, controls and a knowledge base that upholds our high customer and carrier management standards. He is a TIA Certified Transportation Broker, and active in several 3PL communities to keep the Seal team informed and responsive to changes in the industry.

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